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The purpose of this podcast is to assist people in business at all levels, positions and stages of growth.

The podcasts will cover general business topics, which I hope you will find interesting, useful and perhaps conversation provoking.

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Many thanks to our listeners across America and abroad who have made our first year a success.  We appreciate our supporters and loyal listeners.

From recycled houses to solar-powered fridges: 5 tech startups changing the world
Check out the innovative strategies some small businesses are using to gain a foothold in the marketplace.

Business Coaching

Clouser On Business is excited to announce the availability of business coaching services.  My coaching mission is to help business owners and executives work through strategic matters, and other business challenges.  Please send your inquiries to with ‘Business Coaching’ in the subject line.

My podcasts are for informational purposes only. We do not offer tax or legal advise. You need to seek the counsel of your attorney and accountant for legal and tax advice.

Most Recent Episodes

EP 88: Up in Smoke-Hay Barns & Businesses

An analogy on hay barn fires and business failures. How an unseen phenomenon on the farm compares with unseen developments within a business.  CLOUSER discusses some reasons he feels for businesses going out of business unexpectedly.  An article from #Purdue...

EP 87: Emerging Technologies-Why the Hype?

Guest Marc Hallquist of Virtual Information Executives discusses the adoption process of emerging technologies. Using the Gartner Hype Cycle Chart as a basis for discussion, CLOUSER and guest work thru the five stages included in the chart. Hallquist explains impact...

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