Recently, I was visiting with a business friend, and he said, “Wait here, I want to show you something.” He came back with something he was very proud of—a copy of his company’s first newsletter. It was very impressive, informative, and well designed. He was excited to share about the participation of several employees who helped write the content and provided pictures of some recent company events. I’m sure his expectation of the newsletter being an effective tool to build cohesiveness in the company will come true.

Here are 5 benefits to publishing a company newsletter:

  1. Promotes inclusion—a company is an organization comprised of people who want to contribute and to be included. Inviting employee       participation will go a long way in promoting their involvement.
  2. Creates a sense of community—especially in larger companies the newsletter provides a connection to associates across all company locations.
  3. Conduit for sharing appreciation—a newsletter offers a great way to express appreciation to employees.
  4. Sharing company goals and reminder of mission—a company newsletter can be an effective way to share company goals and mission.
  5. Contributes to building a meaningful culture and workplace—when all the above are executed in a genuine way, employees will become more engaged and feel appreciated.

Some suggestions on being successful with your newsletter:


  • Be consistent in the timely publishing of the newsletter. Whatever the timeframe—monthly, quarterly, etc., work to make it happen when employees  expect it.
  • Be mindful to distribute it during the week—not Friday afternoon.
  • Make it a publication for the company—not a marketing department project.
  • Invite employee participation thru submitting content, pictures or suggesting topics.
  • Highlight an employee. A “did you know” segment about special interests or hobbies employees may have that co-workers might be unaware.
  • Share content that is new and informative to the readers.
  • Include a method for feedback and questions. Answer the questions as quickly as possible in a future newsletter.

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