As dawn brings forth another day, business owners across the world set out to conduct their business. Each day brings new opportunities with the expected hope that the efforts put into the business will yield a profit –both financially and in the relationships built with customers, vendors, employees, and the communities the business serves.

When one decides to go into business as an owner, whether from scratch or from buying an existing business, the reason varies across owners. For some it might be the development of a new product or service, for others it could be seeing an opportunity to take an existing business to another level, or the reason might come from an investment standpoint—build the business, then sell it with a return on the initial capital investment.

A common denominator with business owners is that they have a driving passion or an internal flame that gives them the ability to get started and to maintain the momentum needed as their business grows and sustains itself. When dawn comes they are excited about what the new day may bring.

As time moves forward, how does a business owner keep the flame burning? When morning comes what is the source of the motivation to go at it again with the same level of passion as one had when the business was first begun.

One business owner said it this way after 12 years in business:

The past few years I have thought “this might be my last year”, but when mid-January comes around I am compelled to learn new skills, come up with fresh ideas and experiment with new media.

    So what feeds my desire to continue?  Maybe it is the challenge and the difficulties that make my “job” just that much more fulfilling. Maybe it is simply the solitary, creative process itself that brings satisfaction and purpose.”  ¹

Author Leslie Barber in an article titled 3 Ways to Stay Passionate About Your Business as When You Started suggests:  “Don’t let the business of running a business get in the way.”

“Figure out which part of the business fuels your passion and which nicks away at it. Then, find someone to take over as many of the tasks that nick away your passion so you can focus on it. You may not be able to get rid of all of the gritty work, but you can control the balance. Use tools to make processes more efficient, hire team members who love to do what you hate and, most importantly, take time for you to re-energize.”

Another friend of mine who has been in business for more than 50 years recently shared this with me when I asked him how he remained motivated to get up and do it again: “I feel I can always do better; I can be more successful. My customers have needs that I continue to try to meet every day. That is what I enjoy doing.”

As a business owner, what keeps you excited and motivated to arise and go about your work? Are you as passionate about your business as when you began your business? I hope so—but if not, I would encourage you to take the time to do a personal assessment and try to win that passion back.

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¹Jan Speulda, owner of The Beveled Edge, as quoted in the Eugene Saturday Market Newsletter, August 4, 2018.